Celovška cesta 469, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Monday - Friday 10:00 to 18:00
Saturday - 10:00 to 13:00
Sunday and public holidays: CLOSED

Parent company HIT PRELESS d.o.o.



We are representatives of many of the most renowned companies in the world of future design. We exhibit selected pieces from various manufacturers in the 600 m/2 showroom and we can offer you much more. The Nox interior team consists of six people who, with their expertise, sense of beauty and functionality at home, imagination adn experience, advise you in designing your desired interior. We take you through the planing to the final realization. We stand by your side from the raw wall of your home to the very last details. Over the seven years of operation, we have gradually gained more and more exclusive representations, more and more projects of larger and smaller areas more experience and the circle of our satisfied customers is growing day by day.

Salon manager

Project manager




Become a co-creator of stories of leading interior design companies!

You're the right person we're looking for:

  • Working with customers
  • Consulting and salon sales
  • Design of total dwellings
  • Full-time

Do you meet the following conditions? 

  • Graduated architect(s) or interior designer
  • Design experience
  • Experience in interior design consulting
  • Autocad knowledge, 3D programs, Adobe programs, and MS office
  • English language skills, also recommended by Italian
  • Organisation, seriousness, flexibility

You can upgrade your knowledge and experience as a member of our team!

  • We are exclusive representatives of world-renowned brands in the field of interior design
  • We create integrated images of dwellings, houses, commercial and public spaces
  • We have a 600 square metre furniture salon in Ljubljana
Send your portforia and CV to the ales@noxinterier.si or fill out the form below.

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